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Our residency provides flexible learning options for our residents and students. We cater to passionate individuals who need flexibility in their lives, yet still prioritize receiving a high-value education. Due to our adaptable study options, those enrolled at TTU Internal Medicine Residency Lubbock get the opportunity to progress through educational offerings at the pace that works best for them utilizing this interactive web page.

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    Sam Copeland MD

    Pulm/CC Intensivist 

    " After completing my residency and fellowship at Texas Tech, I was able to transition seamlessly into a very busy private practice. The attending physicians were second to none, the amount of procedures I was able to perform, and the diverse pathology I was exposed to in training equipped me with all the requisite skills to be successful right out of the gate"

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    Taylor Warmoth MD

    Rheumatology Fellow

    " The great teachers and vast diversity of disease processes available to me during my time at Texas Tech ensured that I would not only pass my boards but also match in my dream specialty on my first attempt. More special than that were the life long relationships I formed, both with my co-residents and my amazing attending physicians"

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    Meily Arevalo MD

    Academic Internal Medicine

    "TTU residency felt like training with my family and friends. The people I worked with were also the people I wanted to hang out with on the weekends. Going into independent practice, I feel extremely well prepared and without a question would chose TTU again"


Conference Calendar

Our residency provides conference in small group sessions and via video conference. This allows for increased flexibility and availability for our learners. Sign up to have access to video conferences, elective instructions, and resident forums.

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Rigorous and Flexible

TTU Internal Medicine Residency Lubbock is focused on personal growth, strengthening medical knowledge and fostering intellectual curiosity, and offers a variety of educational programs that achieve all of these values. Each course has different options available to fit all levels, and a teaching professional specialized in that subject. 



Important and Necessary

TTU Internal Medicine Residency Lubbock prioritizes personal well being and fostering a vibrant community. Our Wellness Community works to develop individual and program wide resources that actively decrease physician burnout.Get in touch to learn more about our programs.



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